Here’s some more fresh graffiti characters from all over!

Jake Merten

Self taught artist Jake Merten began painting in 2012. Since then he has traveled around the country installing pieces and murals, all with freehand spray paint. Merten’s anime style evokes his childhood passion for anime, and expands the understanding of the manga and graffiti genres and as to what is considered ‘art.

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I started graffiti in the late 80s, mostly characters. I did a lot of psychadelic landscapes with mushrooms, and I really like the oldskool b-boy characters. My letters are a 3d style and I like to spice it up with characters and mushrooms.

My crews are: KMT, SOS (my own crew), DTB, DRF, EBC and PWA.

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I’m Sixcoin and I do graffiti and street art in Seoul, Korea. I draw a story about ancient Korean ghosts.

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