We’re back again with some of the most iconic graffiti character writers from all over the planet! You’ve either seen these characters in your local yard, art galley, online and in the streets, and here they are talking about they’re styles!


I’m Kreamart, a 24 y.o Australian street artist who originally started out with graffiti as an outlet for expression in 2006. I enjoy painting my favourite childhood cartoon characters from the early 90s and have spent years adapting and evolving the characters into their current form. I introduced cling wrap into the scene in 2015 and decided to pick epic placements for different characters all around Australia.

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Atomik is a 100 percent Miami artist. While growing up in the emerging Miami graffiti scene of the 80’s, Atomik witnessed for himself at a young age what would later become his profession. Famous for his iconic orange character which emerged as a response to the demolition of the Miami Orange Bowl, the artist also marks the walls of Miami with his sleek hand-styles, graffiti, and lettering. While painting for almost 20 years, Atomik’s playful characters and hand styles have become as much a symbol of Miami as are palm trees or neon lights. His unmistakable orange character has been placed all over the world bringing a piece of Miami to places such as Chile, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Denmark, Sweden, France, Cuba, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan and South Africa. His studio pieces on media ranging from canvas to paper as well as found objects like street signs, directly reflect his street work and usually feature his ubiquitous orange character. Atomik currently lives and works in Miami.

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My style is fun, inappropriate, immature, childish, digital, rude, and sporadic…I’m a graphic designer as well so I work a lot with vectoring and lines, so I want my work to be as clean as something I fuck with on Photoshop. I’m heavily influenced by 80’s and 90’s cartoon, mashed with my environment out in Los Angeles where graff is everywhere you look.

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Don’t want to bore anyone with talk about style. My favorite characters to paint are my throw up ones , fast and easy and people recognize them. if I am getting artsy. I like to paint girls, skulls ,and birds. but I am not really a character guy I am a letter guy so my characters are so-so. I will be working more on developing them in the future. So be on the look out for better ones, and quick cartoony ones in between letters on freights and of course lots of white ninja guys with messed up hair floating through town on metal. and who knows maybe I will get back in Canada.

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