Back atcha with more of the infamous graffiti characters you cant get away from! Whether they’re on their own, accompanying a piece or production, or as some street bombing, graff characters are everywhere! Let’s take a look at a few in our 7th edition of Characters in the Graff Game


I would say that my style is quirky, fun and colourful! Being a rebel, picking up spray cans as my creative weapon was the right choice and I am heavily influenced by street culture. I have always wanted to paint something related to the environment and the surroundings. I want my characters to in some ways, come alive, speak and be part of its surroundings while communicating and interacting with viewers. 

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I would describe my style as a work in progress, I’m not that happy with most of the stuff I paint.  Characters where, in the beginning something to compliment my lettering. I felt being an all rounder and being able to paint letters and characters to a level was important. After a time of being the only one that was at the walls who could do characters and background it just made sense that I do them rather than letters. Also with characters, I feel you can get more attention than when you paint letters, theres less character writers than letter writers and also everyone can look at a character and instantly relate to it, no matter their age they can look at it and understand what it is, with lettering people struggle to understand what it is. I’m feeling I’ve got some work to put in to step my work up a level or two, so I think nows a good time to get back to the drawing board and start to generate some new ideas. 

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Fanakapan is a uk based street artist who after a few years tagging things as a teenager began using spray cans for art in the early 2000’s. His patience wore thin for cutting stencils so he began teaching himself freehand around 2007. He came from a background within sculpture and prop making ..he still uses 3D images to gather reference material for a lot of his painted work. The pioneer of technical balloon style Graff/ streetart from 2010. Inspired by old balloon / bubble letter graff. LSD and clowns. Currently travelling the world painting. 

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My style is an evolution from my old graffiti techniques and tricks, it comes with neon lights and fireworks , irony and a touch of humour and opportunity.

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