More of your favorite character writers! From slaps, to productions, to whole murals.. graff characters are an important part of the game, and we’re here to shine some limelight on them.


Located: Oakland, California

Griffin got his start in graffiti back in 1993 while living in Sedona Arizona aka Vortex Country. He has been an active writer & muralist in the many cities he has lived in & traveled to since. While he is very much a lettering & style writer, his unique graffiti illustrated character-driven work & background-themed productions are more often what he is best recognized for over the years!

Griffin’s work takes on a unique visual style, especially when it comes to his signature creatures (often interdimensional & rockin armor), with dreamscape backgrounds, that often incorporate elements of old world motifs! When asked about these characters, Griffin has suggested that they are from a parallel dimension where creatures and trippy ass wizards run the show… they are lurking on the outskirts of our current humankind consumer-driven reality, and merely checking in on us! Hopefully, through the process of spotting them, they help to spark some imagination (& take a viewer out of their mundane 9-5 stressed-filled head, if for only a couple of moments) lending to remind our fellow man, to think & question outside of perceived conditioned consciousness or the box!  We each write our own story – imagination is a tool and not a distraction. Do You!

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Been writing since 1992 at the age of 12, as Copy and went through variations of spelling my name in addition to COPIE, KOPY, KOPEYE, and to present day KOPYE. I Grew up in the San Fernando Valley and currently based in LA. 

I admire each and every member in my crews: K2S, BAMC, and STN. Everyone has a distinctive style that sets themselves apart from one another. However when collaborating together, this synergy, the OGs, and young generation, only enables us to have this platform to create something new, something that changes everything therefore I will always be forever a student of graffiti and art. Many think being an artist is a lonely pursuit, and you don’t see that from me.

I paint as if I’m sketching. I don’t over think it when I’m creating characters. I love letters but characters stand out. It’s difficult to define my style but no one can dispute that it isn’t me when they see it. 

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From the start, I got a good foundation in writing from my mentors Jones and Sane (RIP). Thru the 90s, my style evolved into a Queens x Bronx hybrid from piecing with Yes2, Part and the MW crew. TurtleCaps only came about 10 years ago as a nod to my roots and ppl were feeling it to a point where nowadays I make a living painting, while never exploiting the culture I grew up in. But even though I exhibit in galleries and do legal walls, I can’t help but still hit tracks, abandos and cutty spots, except now, instead of doing burners I rock out with my character.

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