Chaze – I’m from a big European city, started graffiti in the late 80s, I love painting now even more than back in the days, I like to bomb everything but steel is my favorite.

For other artistic things I produce like music I might consider myself as an artist but weirdly not with graffiti, even if it is truly the purest contemporary art movement of the 20th century and people are still not understanding it, a good thing I suppose, graffiti will allow us to exist on this earth until it’s gone…new generations of bombers are coming up every year and it’s getting bigger and bigger…you won’t be able to stop it now, too late, society is trying to digest graffiti but it’s impossible.

What’s best ? an outdoor train yard lighted by the moon in a summer night or a packed club with wack music and ignorant sweaty people ? 

Try both and then see the world differently.

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