Im originally from Sydney, Australia.

Been writing on things since about 97/98. Was just skateboarding, starting to drink n blaze, and scribbling on shit for years, until i met some cats that actually knew what they were doing.

Moved up to the Pacific North West in 2007, to get closer to a place to feed my need for big mountain snowboarding. Been pumping these freights out since. Hoping to get up to about 1000 of them in the next couple years.

Originally being from Sydney, early influences were the big hitters i was surrounded by. Crews like TM, OSF, TCB and SWB were steady crushing back then. They still are too, which im always stoked to see!

But style wise, definately inspired by classic Sydney graff. Of course where im from right. That all of course based off that classic NY shit we all know and love.

Im going to be keeping busy, i hope the same for all you cats. Give respect where its due. Get out n paint!


Appreciate the love guys!

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