Hey fellas, I’m Cone from Montpellier, South of France. A true slice of paradise on earth. I started graffiti in 2006 with my friend’s crew, just because it was cool to write on Shit and be a vandal. What a time to live when your teenagers. Anyway, a few years later I met my second wife after the real one, THE FMU CREW. I met STAB & SONK there, two writers older than me. They took me under their wing and brought me painting with them and then the connexions in Montpellier with other writers started. I did my first jam with them and then I just made a lot of it. A few years after, I was spending a lot of time in Bordeaux, while there I got to see Kenz and meet the 3GC crew and since 2019, I’m a member of the crew. I’ve met such a lot of people for years and I love it. I will say that my style is like wildstyle from the future, on a legal spot, but I really enjoy some faster style. I do love paint in abandoned places. Like painting with an atmosphere is such a nice feeling. My first references, inspirations are the 2000’s, French writers. Now, I draw my inspiration from all the people that I paint with and from the abundance of references and style I see around me which is Instagram. Thanks to bombing science for support Cheers CONE, FMU 3GC

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