I write cope2 Kd god btc otb la tfp tnb mpc 

I’m from the Bronx NYC born and raised ived been doing graffiti writing for a good 35+ years now and still keeping it consistently worldwide nonstop 

My idols influences and mentors are the old school NYC subway legends like comet’ blade’ mitch77′ pnut2′ mark198′ case2′ cap’ seen’ tkid’ delta2′ Tracy168′ Rip7′ ‘ iz the wiz’ dondi’ if it wasn’t for these legends I wouldn’t be what iam today with my style they influenced taught and showed me how to bomb burn and block buster up and to become and turn out as greatness as they were and still are 

So I try to keep my style original NYC style the ones who gave me style was my brother king case2 a true style master and delta2 these guys taugh me a lot with my letters 

Today I still burn walls up here and there worldwide cause it’s in the heart even though I’m more into creating paintings and doing gallery’s museums and projects worldwide I always still keep within my essence in my art in every way  

Cope2 the legendary truth 

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