Hello! I’ve been writing Coper since 2004. I was born in 1988 and grow up in Istanbul, but come from a Turkish family who moved from Bulgaria. Thats why I like Balkan people. I am member of Balcans Team and Need More Cans crew. I love mixing old school styles with wild styles. Between 2007-2010 I had a wilder style. I take example of styles from 80s and 90s. The people who’s styles I like the most is Amok, Bates, Cowboy69, Dare, Geser, Jepsy, Odem, Mode2, Romeo, Swet and Sure. And from my country; Bakeroner, CauseTurk, Shione and Turbo. Graffiti is a way to express my own life! Peace and love to everyone!

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