Craze – It’s hard to put a word on the style of graffiti I paint, if I had to boil it down I would say my graffiti can be described as ham-fisted. Every time I paint a piece I’m bound to botch it in some way or another, a real boner on the eyes. I love using a nice new NY Fat, some people have even started calling me CT Fat (because I’m from Connecticut), writers and non-writers alike will drive by my painting and yell “You’re Fat!” It still amazes me they can see the cap I’m using from the street.

Self-proclaimed the “Bad Boy” of graffiti , because I’m bad at everything. Bungling a piece on a wall has gotten me into some trouble in the past and beef is an inevitable part of graffiti. Italian Roast Beef is my favorite, you really can’t go wrong with that. There’s a famous hamburger spot called Louis’ Lunch in New Haven, CT.

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