I’m CYFN I also write NAROW for PC and UEMF Crews. I’m based out of Chicago but try to travel as much as I can.

I started originally in 1992 then quit at around 2002 but was always still drawing in black books with the occasional tags here and there. Back then I was mostly always a bomber/handstyle guy but I was always drawing pieces and wanted to do more with it. I got back into it around 2010 and picked up where I left off with it and basically never looked back.

In terms of my style, currently its a bit organic and fluid. That came about from previously having a very geometric straight line style and I wanted to break out of that and see where it goes. Lately I’ve been liking my pieces to be a little bit more wild in terms of flow and structure, maybe a bit more stretched out. I’ve also been using a different name lately just to switch it up and to keep things fun. I just like letters a lot.

In terms of who’s stuff I’ve been liking lately? Man, honestly there’s so many good writers out right now and my favorites change monthly, I’ll probably forget too many people here but here it goes off the top of my head.

Hoacs, Asmoe, Phiesta, Brus, Bray1, Berst, Sofles, Ces, Above/Victor, Vodka and so many others I’ll probably forgot to mention here. But those come to my memory at the moment.

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