I write Dale, 22, originally from Haifa, israel and now based in Tel aviv.

I started getting into graffiti around 2009 at the age of 14 after seeing some old pieces in an abandoned house near my boarding school done by an artist named Jack. Growing in such place with no parents around, i had the perfect environment to paint, sketch and practice with almost 0 distractions. Living in israel, i drafted to the military for 3 years straight after my high school graduation, which was kinda detrimental for me as a writer, but i Quickly found my ways to paint whenever i got home. I have always been a big fan of classic, funky letters and wildstyles, names like Dash, Zone, but also some European flavor like MadC and Dare r.i.p.

When it comes to style, i get bored very quickly so i always like experimenting with different letters that have different principles or rules. Graffiti also opened my mind to some other mediums like tattoos and graphic design which i also do every now and then. The scene in my country is relatively new, people dont really associate Israel with graffiti, but its pretty good for such a small place. Big shout out to my boys Solomon, OneLove, Crash048 and Blaze.

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