How long have you’ve been writing?
I’ve been writing for about 12 years and some (lol). Had a few very small
breaks, but for the most part I try my best to be consistent.

Where are you based out of?
I’m based out of Oakland, Ca (East). I love it out here. People out here seem
to love to progress and grow , I’ve been places were it is the complete
opposite. Oakland provided me nothing but love , I try my best to do the
same. Yeee

Writers who’s style you like/Admire?
Sheeesh, off the rip , Revok Msk. Like from the start to present Revok. That
sir has the whole arsenal, need I say more. Thank you for inspiring.
Kwest , Mr. Totem , Xaust , SNack , Maple , 3ayem & Pemex
There are so many , but these specific gentlemen are in a different bracket,
inspired and help grow my style. Thank you truly .
Of course my brother Ovek TAK. He’s got that legible style that I appreciate.
Something for not only us, but for everyone to read and enjoy. The best
partner on the planet for a writer and a friend, thank you my bro truly
Casey (non writer) but helps with my understanding of colors and etc.
Thank you

My style?
Ahhh… I like my style to legible, able to read. I like to be as clean as
possible , like OCD , minimal overspray, cutting tape on panels clean (lol).
Being able to break my letters down individually and as a unit. Try to make
my style have uniform flow and sense of direction. Thick outlines , Clean
bevels , end to ends , characters, Matching colors. You know QUALITY over
QUANTITY, producing something different every time. I do this shit at 1000%
in graf and real life. Thank you truly.

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