I write DARIN (Country Club Criminals) and have been writing for 14 years.

My style has always been heavily influenced by the Parisian scene. My first real exposure to graffiti was in Paris in 2006 and afterward I took note of everything I saw at in my home (which was Los Angeles, CA at the time). I tried the fairly traditional LA styles with cracks and cutbacks, but I quickly realized that didn’t reflect what I was going for and let the European influence really take over.

In graffiti, a lot of my inspiration comes from my friends who write but mostly it’s from places outside of graffiti. I pay a lot of attention to contemporary art, skateboarding, interior design, weird patterns in the sidewalk…it’s a mix of many seemingly random stuff.

For writers that I like and admire, I’m lucky to say I know most of them and they are close friends. Shoutout to all of my former crewmates in IRY, Charles, CSM and LostBoys.
Writers and artists who continue to influence me stylistically and on a personal level: Jolts, Tbone, Persue, Horfee, Taylor Herrara, Marlon Mullens, Tems, 4mat, Bud Snow, Termeh, Rhak, Niche, Peas, Supe, Kujoe, Berk, Helkat, Jason Abraham Smith, Baxter, Crumpton, Glaboe, Isis Fisher, Bokchoy Booty, Kier,Nick Abstract, Jessica Moritz, Matt French, Fiiidgt, Diet, Elab, Yesah, Jimboe, Kristopher Raos, Victor Reyes…I could go on for days but I’ll leave it at that.

Additional shoutout to @14thstreetsupply for the support over the years!

Thanks for having me Bombing Science and cheers everyone to a kickass new year!

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