Daze – Back in 1990 I decided I wanted to be a writer. I grew up in between New Orleans and Birmingham Alabama and I originally started out in Louisiana but didn’t get serious about it until I moved back to Birmingham around 1993. I believe I got put down in TNC crew around 1995. In the middle part of this story I feel I’m just like everyone else from that time frame. I’m currently in TNC NSA and LORDS as of last month thanks for having me guys. Now let’s see writers that I admire. This is always a funny question for me. I’ve always liked Esteme,Bates,cowboy,Kwest,Stare,Dream,Nace,Nekst,and last but not least Banksey. He started graffiti right. A true artist. Alright so now on to the style question. I’m not quite sure what my style is but I guess it leans more towards what I think of traditional American graffiti. It’s a mix of old and new. I’ve gone through many really bad experimental phases. But always came back to what I am doing now. The structure changes but the bones of the letters stay the same. I feel every letter should be able to stand on its own if you removed it from the piece. And still have good style. Not just a lot of icing on a shit cake. And as far as my style moving forward I tend to let it happen naturally. I don’t sketch pieces ever. It morphs little by little with every piece on its own. Thanks for reaching out to me and being interested in what I do I appreciate it. Rest in peace FUEL NACE NEKST

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