I write Dcypher DTR CBS are my crew affiliations from both New Zealand(DTR) and Los Angeles(CBS).

I started writing around about 1995-1996 and took it really seriously from about 2002- onward in Christchurch New Zealand and moved to Los Angeles in 2008 where Im now based.

Originally after being introduced to “subway art” and then heavily influenced by the euros doing all the 3D style pieces where a big influence, the likes of Daim , Neck CNS, Delta , Loomit and local influences from New Zealand like Fiasco and ,Lurq Filth crew and Askew,  Berst and Phat one from TMD. and of course my original partner in crime Ikarus DTR.

I originally started doing 3D stuff and learnt a lot of effects and techniques and then over time developed a more structural 2D letter form closer to a traditional graffiti letter piece but with an emphasis  of the various 3D techniques and effects light and shadow etc

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