What’s up y’all! I write DENR and my crew is DIA. I’m based out of rural western Colorado.

I started writing graffiti in 2014, but my roots date back to 2003/ 2004. Me and my mom took a trip to Paris and I was blown away by the amount of graffiti everywhere. She even got a picture of little DENR cheesin in front of a crushed out box truck! Who would’ve known she was raising her very own little vandal.

I’d say some of my biggest inspirations were just the heads I’d see roll by on freight, the local legends and my infatuation with early 2000’s graffiti. Cant forget to mention all the fellas on my crew that inspire me on the daily (y’all know who you are). With that being said I’ve Admired a plethora of different writers and artists through the years thanks to the Internet, honestly way too many to list!

I’ve always felt like a weird writer in the sense that I’ve never been able to stick to one style. Most writers will find that one comfortable set of letters and rock it forever. But when I’d try that I’d end up getting super bored with graffiti. I think my style for the most part translates where I am with my life. I’ve always used graffiti as a tool to guide me through hard times or elevate the good ones. Sometimes I just wanna do wild nasty letters with garbage paint, other times I wanna paint clean, well structured letters with an organized scheme. One thing is for certain, my style is ever changing.

It’s been a fun journey, I’m glad graffiti has played such a big role in my life. I’m going to pull that super cliche graffiti writer card and say that it saved me. But that’s because it genuinely did. Too many of us float through life with no purpose so I’m glad graffiti opened up that door for me. Also thanks to Bombing Science for showing support for me and the scene as a whole. Much love y’all

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