I’ve been writing since 1995 so 23 years now. I am based out of a small port city called Fremantle in Perth Western Australia.

There are many writers who I like or admire. Many writers who I admired from a young age are still going strong and doing some next level stuff, guys like  Can Two, Swet, Kent to name a few. I tend to like more traditional style writers and crews such as Taste, Brus, Sokem, Msk crew and many more  but also like technical writers too such as Sofles, Asmoe, Bray and many more.

I would say my style is versatile as I have a few styles I can paint depending on my mood. I can do a  super traditional style, technical or even more bubbly Euro. I think it is good to have some variant styles as I would get pretty bored painting one style. I like to try new things and paint how I want too.


Destroy (dest)

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