My name is Dewx. I was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Started writing in the summer of 98. Influenced by my cousin “Spear” who had been writing for several years.

At first my biggest influence was Dero. This man made the first and last letters look alike … and when I saw them, I tought he made it look like a piece and not just like letters, buffs together. Here I learned that it could much more than just writing your name.

Later I met legends from the scene here.. homies like Ske, Rek, Bex, Ekc, Sen2 etc … and saw others outside like Per, Ces, Bio, Bg, Daim and Loomit among others .. Who definitely influenced in some way the development of my style.

My style I would like to think that it is fresh, clean and innovative. Always trying to give the maximum when painting. Always trying to make my best piece. I love letters so I never tried to do anything other than letters, until I mastered them in the wildstyle. Always playing with position, angles, and bends to improve the overall form and shape of the piece. Always trying to better myself never trying to play it safe. This why I almost never do Throwies I think every opportunity I get could be my last one, so I always try to go all in.

In recent years I have tried a style that I call 2d that is nothing other than simple wildstyle letters without outline, painted with light and shadow to give them the effect of density. Today I’m trying my first 3d. Trying to mix the widstyle with the 3d style and my also my touch.. trying to develop my letters in different perspectives… For me it’s all about letters, color combinations and cleaning. Sometimes, less is more. and I love that everyone including people who don’t do graffiti can read and appreciate my letters..

 Need to mention my crews over d years.. my OG Crew is SSR (Spanish Speaking Represent) founded by my cousin. Later I Rolled with my homies from El  Coro and then with Def Crew, ones of Puerto Ricos 80s OG group. I’ve painted with almost every writer here. But there are some that I need to mention..that surely inspired and help me along the way. Also my homies and crewmates that I am always rocking with.. Spear, Does, Bex, Ekc4, Esco, Rimx, Pun(RIP), Smoke, Dust, Dwek, Koser, Fisu, Son, Acty2, 2Hel, Migue, Flavor, Bik, Bles, Den, Bad6 and others that I’m sure are missing here. Thank you all. 

Special thanks to Bombing Science’s Greg and all the crew up there for uplifting GRAFFITI and giving all of us the space and platform to unite and elevate this culture we all love, no matter where we are, who we represent, or what we stand for. 

Hope to get out there someday to bring my work to other places and meet new people so I can keep evolving my style and establishing relationships with this culture i respect and feel so proud about.

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