What up. I write Digital one I2W (in 2 Win) crew / RF (rapid fire) crew. I got the name from listening to too much Wu tang lol. Of course if people are familiar with RZA’s alter ego “Bobby DIGITAL” you’ll get it. I come out of a small city outside L.A. Whittier, CA. Although I’m from the LA area I was inspired to write graffiti by Dream TDK out of Oakland in the 5th grade. I was a avid hip hop fan so I used to collect The Source magazine. They did a huge spread on Dream when he passed. I never looked at graffiti like that before. I used to think it was all gang related  or as my grandma would say “for cholos.” I never seen it as an art form until I seen that spread on Dream before. I didn’t start taking Graff serious till I got in high school where I was schooled on Graff etiquette and such. My style derives from the old school traditional NY style with a lil new school technique added to the mix. I love that style and I don’t think I’ll ever stray from it. People who inspired me would be Dream TDK, Skill Uti, Roten SKA, Pistol 45 i2W, Che i2W, Cre8 RTN, Steam and Rick I2W, Trixter RF, And Pryer Uti. I grew up looking up to these cats and I’m lucky enough to call most of these cats my friends now. I still learn from them today and they impart in me the rules traditions of the game in which I hope to carry on those traditions.

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