Hello, I write DIRT and I’m from Leipzig, Germany. My first stint in graffiti was from 95 to 2000… moderate quality, lousy quantity. The plan to implement a wall with some local old school legends brought me back into the game in April 2019. My style of writing is to represent the letters in a relationship with each other and build up an overall dynamic. In addition, a good style should also work without 3d blocks or shadows. When sketching, I experiment a lot and therefore erase a lot. The magazine heroes of my youth were Darco, Can2, Daim, Paze, Mode2 and Dare. Local heroes were SOC, BIA, and RAS Crew. Today I like the stuff of DigitalDoes, BondTruluv, PosaOne, SyckOne… My TGA Crewmembers Skit and Score are also active again. We’ve been good friends all these years… so it can go on.

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