My name is Disk, from CWD (Compulsive Writing Disorder)

I’m a graffiti writer based in Gothenburg, the windiest city in Sweden.

I did my first piece back in 1984, a reeeaalllly crappy version of Kel’s Cheech Wizard in Subway Art – with wrong colours and weird anatomy. It was actually so bad, that it looked like abstract art.

Anyway, I was kinda bad until 1988. Around that time I got a lot better and started living exclusively for painting, until 1996-ish, when I stopped writing.

I started painting again in 2012, and here we are again – living for graffiti.

When it comes to inspiration, I actually enjoy all kinds of graffiti, and get inspiration from everything from really, really trashy bombing to huge murals. I like it all!

My style is based on my restless and curious nature – I want to try sooooo many different things!

Sure, I do classic graffiti and characters, but also droid letters, liquid chrome letters, sign painting letters, and honestly … basically anything that sounds and looks cool.

That makes my pieces look kinda different when you see some of them for the first time, but to me it’s all part of my ideas and personality. (And it stops me from getting bored, tbh…)

In that way, I’m very inspired by Seen’s early 80’s pieces, when he did so many different styles with just his name. Love it!

Thanks for asking me, guys. And a shoutout to the rest of the CWD crew: Sletz, Roxes, Code26, Hose, Waste and Voice.


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