I write Disto, I’m from New Jersey and have been writing for about 12 years.  I was very fortunate to be brought up by a crew (AIDS) that values individuality and raw energy in graffiti.  I also lived in Philly for several years and was influenced by my other squads, the GOA’s and LD’s.   My approach to painting spots was shaped partly by Won from the RA Crew who introduced me to new ways to use extinguishers and I learned a lot about rollers from Gane and Texas as well.  Personally, I like the movement of classic Bronx graffiti like Ivory, Ces, Yes2, etc..  On my pieces, I try (with mixed results), to combine that style with 3 dimensional letter structure.  I also really enjoy writers like Baer and Rime because they  combine art and graffiti, making it into a single language.  While I have been painting murals and working on art in my studio recently, I still very much believe in the importance of putting paint where it wasn’t supposed to be.  This is  the essence of graffiti and we all need to do our part to keep it alive and move it forward.  

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