1) Alright so first off thanks for taking the time to do this interview! How long have you been in the game, what crew do you rep and how did you get the name, Dr. Dax?

I first got into graffiti in 1985 and made it my life mission at that moment. I studied and immersed myself into the culture and by the 90s I had found my place in it. The first crew I got down in was the network crew followed by FS D30 OTR and MSK. I’m in many other crews, but those are the crews that I have kept closest to my heart through camaraderie and Chemistry. 

2) Dude you are super connected within the Atlanta scene, just flipping through your instagram I see you hanging out with Big Boi, Future, and other legends. How did this happen for you? In Atlanta is the scene between graffiti and hip hop so close together that this was inevitable for you? It seems like you’ve lived one hell of a life!

Graffiti has always been kind of seemingly invisible in Atlanta through the years until the past decade. I started hanging out very young in the streets and on the scene, and through that I made friends in the dungeon family. Eventually becoming a member going on tours and taking over the world.

3) Ok so I gotta ask cause you tease it on instagram, there is a photo of you and future on the set of the Bubba Sparxx music video, how did that go down? Whats the story behind this?

I used to live with Bubba Sparxxx and Sleepy Brown, and around that time future which was known as Meathead was hanging around us, and when it came time to do the Miss New Booty video we brought him with us. This was his early days of getting in the dungeon family and developing his craft. 

4) What I love about what you do and what I wish more graffiti artists did was you really expand what you do into other domains, I see you do your own prints and merch as well as walls. I just think its super dope to have so many things going on. About a year ago you did a solo show at ATL world wide gallery, can you tell us how that went down? Would you consider yourself a fine artist now?

After a lifetime of hustling and being a pirate, I decided to call it quits and dedicate my life to my art outside of graffiti and enter the gallery world, and started working with brands and merchandising and starting my e-commerce I take it very seriously and dedicate a large chunk of my passion and energy towards it. I got good friends at an agency Gallery called Atlanta Worldwide Gallery, so it was only natural that I would do a solo show there.

5) Another cool thing you did was The Road map tour, what was the story behind that? Just some homies painting and traveling?

The roadmap tour came to be when Rime came home from Paris to renew his visa and it was revoked for two years, and instead of him buying an apartment or somewhere find somewhere to live he began talking about us, driving across the country on a graffiti tour, and it quickly became Serious and we started growing the idea eventually getting the backing of the Seventh Letter to organize and make it all happen.

We ventured out starting in San Diego New Mexico through the desert heading east the organized portion of the tour ended and Rime has kept it going having people guest spot and even me coming back from time to time to travel with him.  Overall it was a brilliant new concept that we executed and something I looked at Fondly and I’m very proud of. 

6) In one of your videos you talk about the dual nature of using social media. It both helps and hinders us as artists, I wonder if you can share your thoughts on that here?

Just like anything social media is definitely a double-edged sword. I suppose that could be used for good and evil. I personally use it for marketing myself and my brand and I would say it’s probably the most important tool in that aspect. I definitely steer away from the negative aspects of it and do not allow it to poison my mind as well as not poison the minds of others. 

7) Ok another story time session haha how did you meet Big Boi? What was the experience like being surrounded by all this top-level talent coming up in Atlanta?

Throughout the years, I had ran across big boi a couple of times, but it was big Gipp from the Goodie Mob that actually put us together as good friends. That quickly bloomed into a friendship that I still have till this day. We have traveled the world together and is one of my most cherished friends. It was a surreal experience, especially since we were also young and without too many expectations. Definitely never thought I was gonna be part of such a monumental history.

8) What’s your favorite documentary or book on graffiti history?

Hands down my favorite book is Subway art by Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper. Martha Cooper’s just my favorite person ever in general.

9) Thanks again for taking the time out to chat, Any shout outs you would like to give? Where can people follow you and purchase your work?

I would love to shout out the universe for giving me a righteous path. You can find me on Instagram at @dr.dax my e-commerce store is doctordax.com, and my portfolio is daxfolio.com