Cartoons, Beer, Graffiti, Retro and Pachanga are the words that define me. My name is Drino, I’m from a hot country called Venezuela started painting graffiti around the last quarter of 2008, I admire the work of Diep and Blon. They are writers from where I’m from and back then, I didn’t have a lot of access to the internet so what I was used to seeing was their work. I also have to admit that Senk, from the CMS crew is one of the artists I see the most because of the complexity in his execution in his work. Another writer that I follow is DEBZA (@debzawashere) with his manga/graffiti style. I try to improve what I do and I could say that until now, the style I’m looking for is a cartoon-ish style. A couple of good letters and “MAYKOL”, who is my alter-ego of my AKA created in 2016 and since then, he’s been present in my murals, sketches and even in my merch.

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