DRIPS reppin’ FT Sprayclub

BS: How long have you been writing?

D: Flow (TA) had me use a can for the first time back in 2000 but I started in 2007 when KOPS crew ran out of money to pay me so they let me choose from the spray rack in Le KOP SHOP & a few hours later I was painting Décarie expressway! Haven’t stopped since.

BS: Where are you based out of?

D: Currently based out of Barcelona for the past few years after living in a few other countries, but originally from the 514.

BS:Any style preference & who influenced you?

D: I don’t have any specific style preference, there is a lot more to graffiti apart from the style such as the difficulty of the spot, adapting to the surfaces and composition. As for those whom influenced me; FT crew, Trik(DP),Gives (KOPS), Loes(TFB), Orek(IFC), Fonki(FT),Quidam/Pacha(TOS,DOE) AL (At Large Crew), Dirty30 crew & others

BS: Talk about your style..

D: If I could define my style in two words I would say; Freestyle fun! I was always more of a B&W type of writer from growing up downtown, but as I expanded horizons the colors started trickling in slowly. The characters followed and so did the blending of styles. Improvising with other writers on the spot and although the finished result isn’t as good, the result of pulling off a total freestyle mural is way more satisfying.

BS: Any shoutouts?

D: To my whole crew that is spread out around the world & to all the peeps that I have met worldwide throughout the years. Not to forget the Bombingscience team that has been keeping it down for all these years, thanks!

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