My name is DTEK, I started graffiti in 2005 when I was only 15 years old.

Due to different situations that have happened in my life, I have stopped painting for some time but the last 4 years I have been painting constantly, I was born in a town in Mexico called La Huacana even though my career as a graffiti writer began in the city ​​of Morelia, Michoacán where I currently live.

Some of the graffiti writers whose work I admire and who have had an influence on mine are: Dare, Seen, Cant2, Does, Mad C, Motik, Sofles, Ewok, Pose , Revock, etc. (It would take too long to list all the writers I admire). I specialize on wildstyle and what I try to reflect in my pieces is a combination between the classic wildstyle style and the new current graffiti trends, all created from my perspective.

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