I write Ebik which came from “Eboniks” a name that I used as a toy DJ in my bedroom.

I rep FGS (Freight Gang Stars), FH (Fr8 Hooligans), and Im based out of Long Beach California.

I started to consider myself a writer around 2000/2001 after I made the switch from a Jumbo Pilot Marker to Rustos and started really trying to learn how to have style.

My earliest influences were in Springfield MA from ARE crew and my first mentor Spre (ARE/Circle T/TMC/JHF/DBM) rest in peace. Other style influences around that time came from living in and around Boston, then later on from Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the legendary 5 Points.

My approach to style is that graffiti needs to look like you had fun doing it. I write on stuff because it makes me feel good and I hope that energy shines thru. If done right, each letter should be able to stand on its own, and have its own attitude. There should be a certain flow or vibe to the piece with enough bounce and variety to keep the eye interested. Thats my goal anyway. I still struggle to get that stuff done and expect my style will always be a work in progress.

FGS, Circle T, FC, and COD all have had a large impact on my style and/or my approach to what matters in graffiti over the years. I wanna shoutout a few writers who style I always enjoy: Knistt, Big5, Adge, Apart, Doves, Knows, Virus, Spek, Arsn, Aves, Stoe, and the Don Dada (Rezist) for inspiring me to do more and do it better than I did before.

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