I write EDEN/EDENS and I represent BDR crew out of north county San Diego. I’ve been writing for just about 5-1/2 years now, but I’ve loved graffiti since I was a little kid. I started writing after a day trip to Slab City. The thousands of pieces of graff out there got me super hyped to want to get into painting. About a year or so into writing I met the homie Sonas who also now reps BDR and he got me into doing proper pieces and wildstyle. Over time I’ve developed a spiky, almost organic style that’s been influenced by a lot of the older San Diego writers like Save and Seis from BDR/DVSK. I’m definitely what you would consider a lurker, most of my pieces are super far underground in tunnels or in random spots that nobody else would even wanna paint. Recently my homie Nesr and I have been doing a lot of mini burners on spots that are like 1-2 feet tall. Although I love piecing, rollers are really what I’ve really enjoyed doing the most. Last year I set a goal to do 52 rollers, one per week, and I ended up doing 55. Over the last couple years I’ve done just over a hundred. I think I like doing rollers so much because even in grilled spots they tend to run much longer than anything else, especially ceilings. I actually have a blockbuster roller in Logan Heights that’s on the ceiling of a freeway overpass and it’s been running almost a year now. Some artists whose work I admire are Hopes, Asalt and Mauka ASK, Slide UB CK, Plague, Skie and Erue NCT SDV, and Bitr, Save, Opts, and Seis BDR DVS.

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