I write EFEK and have been doing graffiti for about 15 years but with 13 years of my current etiquette. I am native of Monclova Coahuila Mexico where graffiti was more part by territorial gangs. When I learned to form my name in graffiti letters I knew that this would not stop there. When I met people from other cities with the same taste as mine, we formed a crew that lasted two years, then as most of the gang disappeared. In early 2005 I got to know more people where we coincided a day to form a crew that to date takes by name FB10 crew.

Personally I like to do all kinds of letters from tagz, simple bomb letters to unpredictable lyrics, I have no preference for a particular spot does not matter much everything depends on what you want to do at that time I like to paint everything: Bridges, panoramic, trucks, trains, curtains, glasses, anything that can be painted in a way that is illegal or legal.


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