I write Eight (short for EIGHTBIT). Currently based out of East LA. I’ve been actively writing since 2012. I used to always flip through Euro graff mags in Tower Records as a teen, and grew up watching my older homies get down in their blackbooks. The city of Los Angeles is saturated with graff so it takes a lot to stand out. I grew up watching a lot of Saturday morning cartoons and always wanted to get into animation so i decided to incorporate some of those characters in my pieces to compliment my letters. A lot of the places I paint are off the beaten path and/or abandoned spots found while lurking and documenting with my girl LUCY. I look up to the work of artists like DABS/MYLA and KAER WD DE TCI because of their originality and their mix of graff/characters. I like things simple; really clean and precise but still visually stimulating.  

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