EKORS (WN-NHR-TGR) I started writing around 2011 in Brussels inspired by the highways and train tracks graffiti around my city and Paris. My style turned west coast, influenced by the MSK crew, Augor, Atlas, Acroe, Bamc crew and KOG’s, Lokiss, and others. My inspiration also comes from science fiction creators like Giger who designed «Alien» or tattoo artists like Norm and Buster.

In 2017 I started writing EKORS meaning «tree bark» in french, it reveals mytaste for nature and organic forms in my wildstyles. I develop lettering from basics like Gothic and Chicano letters. I’m a tattooer and cofounder of thelabel Write Night (WN). Now I’m based in Marseille. I like traveling a lot, I always need to go further to explore new places and share with other artists.

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