What’s up yall?
I write Elms, been writing that name since 2013, started writing in 2006.
As far as where I’m based out of I always go with Oakland. Not where I started, may or may not be where I’m currently, but for me Oakland was really the jumping off point. Writers I’m influenced by/admire? I’m gonna do my best to compress this one. Gufe helped shape me a lot, I would say I’m heavily influenced by that writer. Always was blown away by the style that was brought to such impactful spots!!! Obviously I’m a big fan of PK and KID. Triple OGS. They were spot coni suers real early on and way ahead of everyone with the rappelling!!! Pemex had a huge impact one me with his hibernia bank shot i I remember being awe struck seeing a picture on 12 oz!!! It kinda finalized a feeling of yo you can do absolutely whatever you set your mind to. I always admired crews from LA. Zes with spot placement and just really cool original style. Ayer of course just burning i-beams and heavens. AWR, MSK ,LTS, KOG, YR, MTA. I really like the kinda jazz/metal elements I see from LTS. Like masters of the rules so you can break em all. Minimalist or maximalist wizards. Using whatever supplies readily available and the way that played a part in style development. Really cool!!! The MTA roller like yo we all better check our own minds on what we view as big!!! Sabers LA river piece like woahhhh!!! Not just ridiculously massive but fucking sick with color. These were like absolutely redefining statements with unworldy mic drops. I’d say a lot of my influences were really in developing a mentality that I drew from. No pun intended. Nekst laying out the framework with high profile strategical spot placement!!! Ozie with what are you willing to do to get the spot!!! Absolutely Revs with elevating the perception of what is considered graffiti!!! Just a ton of people before me building this fucking massive momentum of pushing the envelope again and again!!! Dream with yo while yall fight about which style is better you’re falling farther behind cause the real thing is you gotta master both!!! I really like Paradox and how he started to put a lot of thought in and develop his style based on how and what it was applied to!!! Saute is one of favorite of the what I’d call us 3rd generation writers. Just insane style and placement!!! I was sooo excited when that writer started going down the rope! Can’t wait to see where Saute takes it. Rams right now is doing some ridiculously big stuff on ropes in amazing places!!! Also he’s putting a lot of thought into the development of letter styles with this specific application. Merch did this one with him in SF and Merchs letters had this vertical connection flow going on that was incredible!!! For me right now that’s where my interest lies. Rappelling is still a pretty adolescent style in graffiti. There is a ton of room for its development. It absolutely fascinates me. I’m not interested in bombing the way I used to be. High profile spots and throwing myself at really ambitious projects just to see if I can walk away from it isn’t needed in my life right now. I needed it at a time. I do a ton of stuff outside graffiti that I’m really passionate about. What I will keep doing for the time being is working on my ideas for style development with rappelling graffiti. Working on getting looser has been pretty enjoyable also. As always my hopefully compressed few sentences turned into a soap box ramble. Thanks bombing science for reaching out and letting me share some about myself! Rest easy ANEMAL, KEEP, GYER, MOST, BARGE, GHOST 51, ANGUS, and AWARE! As well as all the other beautiful souls who have transcended physical form!

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