This is Error One, a graffiti writer since 2006 in Bogotá, since his beginning he has traveled to many cities in the world through graffiti but he continues to reside in Bogota, capital of Colombia and one of the most active and painted cities in the world at this moment. Error usually fills the street in all its possible formats, sewers, the floor, roofs, billboards, buses, trains, whatever moves. Admiring New York graffiti from its beginnings, it acquires this aesthetic but always exploring and transforming the style in trying to give it a more Latin American identity but admiring and respecting all the forms and aesthetics that graffiti has, there is always a side that weighs more, that attracts it more but the simple fact of seeing the active city is an impulse and influence to not stop painting and on the contrary have more motivation to fill every possible space Along the way we have lost friends, and very close writers, but for each loss we have the responsibility of making their names reach even further, so as far as possible Error will be one of those writers who will never have a retreat from the graffiti. Bogotá Negra, Bogotá de luto, Bogotá Siempre Activa. VSSSK *

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