Hello there! I’m Etsom and I’m from Italy, I live near Milan. I started writing about 10 years ago and now, finally, I can proudly say that I managed to turn my passion into my job. Many writers influenced me and my works along the years but the one who changed the most my vision of graffiti and my approach to the letters is with no doubts T.Love from Italy. Actually the writers that keep inspiring me the most are Soler from Treviso, Plus from Switzerland and the mythical Sofles from Australia. I also love the work by Insane 51 and Smug if we talk about characters. I think my style is a reflection of my personality: balanced, measured and perfectionist but also curious and overall ambitious. I like to write simple letters and focus on the technique. My production goes on experimenting new mix between letters and characters, which melt and become something more. 

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