I write Eugher, sometimes with the second “E”, sometimes without. I rep the Made For Killing family and have been painting since 2012, just coming up on 9 years.

I’m originally from Louisville, but now residing in Cincinnati. The midwest has a very rich history of writers and styles, and coming up I focused on absorbing as much information as possible from the people around me. I learned the do’s and dont’s from local writers OYEA BRRR FRANK JIGL WASP LEVIS and how to carry myself in new cities from the DTB’s and friends (SONAR, STEVE) in New Orleans. Painting with different people, In different cities, and different environments really opened me up to show me the things I like and dislike about graffiti.

Pretty early on I realized that I gravitated toward graffiti that pushed the traditional formula of arrows, bubbles, candy-coated color schemes, etc. I saw plenty of work from LDEEZ, FST, MFK, and various other crews who would come through Louisville around derby time. They all stand out to me when looking back but what really got me hyped was seeing styles being pushed on trains. Seeing panels from AVERT GAMBLE TIMBER PASER EXAUST HORSE got me stoked to try to paint something different. Once I moved to Cinci, SNACK took me under his wing. I met the Cinci clique, NOVEL AVERT TIMBER, and just by painting with those dudes, it makes you push yourself. You don’t want to stand back from the train or wall, look over, and think “Dude just outright Smoked me.” I slowly met the rest of the Metal Fingers, learned more and more, and eventually got put down.

In the Instagram era, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with graffiti. I try to dial back the amount of graffiti intake, otherwise, I’d get lost in the ether. As far as my current favorite styles, AVERT SNACK NOVEL TIMBER PASER EXAUST TASK DURAG HORSE RUMY SEPIA are who come to mind. Whole buncha killers.

It’s important to have a wide variety of styles on deck. Painting the same outline over and over gets stale after a while, but the idea of collaborating and working together with someone to create something cohesive is what pushes me to paint. Planning out a wall, hunting down a boxcar, matching up schemes, blueprinting a theme, is what get me fired up. My style changes depending on the situation. I try to be a chameleon and be prepped for different scenarios. Typography / Shape based, Bio Mechanical wild-styles, big bold impactful outlines, three-dimensional graphic-ish. It breaks the formula and keeps painting interesting.

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