EVOL – I’ve been writing since 2005/2006 but took a short break due to being incarcerated back in 2015 for distribution charges. After being released in 2018 and realizing my passion and love for art, I started painting and tattooing full time.

I’m based out of North Jersey, and most of my work is most popular / spotted in towns like Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy and Philly.

There are so many writers that I admired / inspired me but if I had it narrow it down to a few of my favorites I would have to say Rime aka Jersey Joe and Tiper. Growing up as a kid their work definitely inspired me.

A question I was asked was to elaborate on my style , the truth is I do not have a defined style, I usually go with the flow and I paint based on how I feel when I get to a spot. Graffiti is an scape and what I release on a wall is based in that moment and how I feel.

I’d like to thank Bombing Science for reaching out, I am very grateful for the opportunity to be featured..

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