I’m Extase from Hamburg, Germany. Actually I also paint also Rover as second name. Inspired by a classmate I started to be interested in Graffiti in 1995. In the first years I drew a lot, but didn’t gather so much experience by spray can. In the beginning my style was influenced by the pieces around me, cause that was the only available input for me. I didn’t kept in touch with anyone, so I can proudly claim, that I’m a graffiti autodidact. I really began to get busy in 2002 when I met my crew mate Eszet. Nowadays I paint only legal walls for some other reasons. My style is influenced by all parts of the universe and this why I’m going to gain the ultimate style. I’ll leave earth, fuck the stratosphere and paint some creepy interstellar non color burners. I try to vary my style from time to time, but always with focus on classic letter shaping (well balanced, good proportions, readable) to commemorate the true old school masters back on earth. For me a style must be dynamic, but still has to be readable. Aside from this it doesn’t matter if it’s a tag, a t-up or a full color production. I can be enthusiastic about all, if the style is good. I’m really addicted to letters. All the other elements in a style like colors, fill in, background etc. are just accessory parts to facilitate the styles. 

These days I paint mostly with my brother Asher (the graff wizzard with the magic hands for characters) and the other guys of the wkm team. We all have a similar view on graffiti and the same quality we put into our walls. And by the way… I’m not exactly part of the Hip Hop movement and especially I don’t identify myself with rap-music (forever thrash metal/ hail to riffobia, biotoxic warfare, suicidal angels…) 

In this spirit: cheers to all and nothing but love to myrkky666…. 

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