The pseudonym I chose for myself is FISHE. But it’s pronounced fish the E is silent. I started down this path pretty early on. I began stealing spray paint and scribbling along the LA River in the 6th grade. I got jumped into my first graffiti crew by the end of the 7th grade and helped form KOG by my senior year of high school. That was all in the 1990’s. I currently represent the KOG, LTS crews and recently joined WCA. I was born in Mexico City but have lived in LA most of my life. My earliest influences come from LA crews like CBS, WCA, LOD, COI, AWR, and writers like Hex (tgo) Mear, Krush, Dare TWS (RIP). We’re dudes whose style had a heavy early influence on me. As far as my current personal style my crew influences me in the most subtle ways. I try to keep things eclectic and well-rounded, I’m still trying to have fun with it. I enjoy tagging and doing throw up the most, so I do that more than anything. In the future, I’d like to focus more on train graffiti and more elaborate legal walls. I feel those are two areas. I have mostly neglected and see a lot of potential for a lot of fun and experimentation there.

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