There are a lot of brands of graffiti oriented spray paint out there today and most of them will do the trick. However, some are better than others, and some are more expensive than others as well. Finding the perfect balance between low price and high quality is something that is prevalent across the board. Matter of fact very few brands offer really high quality paint at a very reasonable price. If you ask us, Flame by Molotow has achieved this in the best way possible.


Starting with their Flame Blue line, the feeling of quality comes to mind the moment you put the can in your hand. The slick, metallic look is reminiscent of the Montana 94 cans.  However, that’s about the only true similarities between these brands because pretty much everything about them is different. Flame blue offers 108 high covering acrylic colours that set on the wall with a beautiful uniform matt finish. The first thing one will notice when using this paint is the incredible valve system. The amount of control it allows you is quite crazy. It’s extremely easy to make the thinnest line morph into a big fumey trait all in one swoop without taking your finger of the cap. What I like most about this paint is the pressure in the cans. They really nailed it with Flame blue as it allows you a wide range of pressures depending on how you handle the can and the amount of pressure you apply on the cap.


Unlike some cans out there that either don’t have enough pressure resulting in shaky lines or too much pressure which leads to leaks and paint splattering off the walls, the Flame Blue cans are right there in the middle.  This means you can cover large areas with a fat cap fairly fast and easy as well as be able to do extremely precise line work with the same can which is a blessing. Other great features offered by Flame are UV protection. This is very important for those who paint murals, freights and spots that will be exposed to long hours of direct sunlight. For an artist, there is nothing worse than seeing your work fade away after a month of being exposed to the elements. Flame paint is made to last which is a blessing considering the low price of these cans.  Another great thing about this paint is that it is low in odor and the odor it does produce does not smell extremely toxic which is a huge for people painting indoors. Overall, for the price, you are getting a European made can which is up there with the best cans available and that’s major. Molotow has filled the huge gap of high quality Euro paint at a very reasonable price which was not really catered to by any other brand. We are extremely happy they came out with this line as it has become by far one of favourites for all purpose painting.

Though I think the Flame Blue pressure to be already perfect for most cases, for those looking for a more action version of these cans, they have created Flame Orange.


 The 48 colours are fully compatible with the Blue line; the only difference is that the cans spit the paint out much faster so you can cover large areas with speed and precision. Even though they are considered to be “high pressure” cans, the amount of control you get when using them is surprisingly huge. Just because it is able to spit out really fat opaque lines, especially when laced with a fat cap, it can also do some really clean thinner lines as well. Overall, both Flame Blue and Flame Orange are great products. They offer the most for a price that can’t be hated on. Most importantly, it’s fun to paint with these cans. These cans are pleasure to handle and give you more control which leads you to making better work. That is what is the most important, and this is why it is our MVP when it comes to paint. 

Review by Stan