A few years back I have used an analogy that the entire graffiti and street art scene is like a big tree with many branches, but the roots remain underground. I would like to see myself spending time and energy on many of these different branches such as piecing, tagging, bombing and doing productions but also digging the underground because without that to me it just doesn’t feel complete. I started my interest in graffiti in the late nineties, gradually practicing all sorts of styles, I’d describe my own style as a classic New York bar based style that I experiment with into various forms and shapes. I have always loved the old school graffiti more than the majority of modern graffiti, I also love to paint futuristic science fiction like backgrounds, in 2014 I painted my first graffiti spaceship at Step In The Arena in Eindhoven my hometown. After this wall I have ever since been exploring the future of graffiti, how it would look and painted these visions in a mere apocalyptic and cyberpunk style. My graffiti spaceships could be seen as recycled trains make shift built to fly with recycled helicopter and airplane parts. I am currently based in Taipei, graffiti here is still emerging and the city of Taipei inspires me a lot because it has the contrast of very old with extremely modern architecture. I think Taipei graffiti has grown a lot since my first visit in 2012 and I am happy to contribute my personal futuristic graffiti visions on these concrete walls in and around the world.  

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