I write Forbe GIA, but I’ve been painting Phorbes as well because I think it has a better balance, and why not add another letter or two.
I was born and raised in Berkeley, Ca. Started tagging in 6th grade, so it’s been about 17 years now writing silly little words on other peoples shit, but I don’t think I took anything serious until about 2014 or ‘15. I can attribute my involvement in this derelict subculture to a single bad influence, but that kid was turned onto it by handful of older hooligans, now my closest friends and crew, TFN.

GIA was started in middle school, and we had to figure almost everything out on our own, rewatching Piece by Piece and Infamy until we knew every line, and climbing up everything we could find until we learned what spots really mattered. There was no shortage of influence in the streets of Berkeley as well. Style masters like members of BEOK, BPF, FTL, DFK and FSC (to name a few) ruled my world until high school, when I could explore outside my comfort zone and experience the intensity and melting pot mentality of the greater East Bay. I would say my style is a culmination of everything I’ve seen in my life thus far, minus everything I hate.

My current inspiration and motivation comes directly from my friends and crew mates. The streets, and most definitely the internet, don’t have much to offer these days, way too saturated. GIA will always push me to get better, TFN will keep it exciting, and homies from KMF are some of the most talented, refreshing and inspiring writers I’ve ever had the privilege of calling crew.

Much love to those who push themselves and spray on a regular basis, despite the hurdles, trials and tribulations of this mundane life. Keep the progression up, but remember who came before you! Experiment and test new styles, but respect what works and what got you into this game. It ain’t over till it’s over.
Rest in piece Tmack, Shrooms, Ghost, Nautical, Angus, Aneml, Fyter, Saze, Hint, Gyer, Keep and everyone else who was there, y’all are still here. Peace!

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