Hello, my name is Uncle Funr. My main purpose of what I do with my squirt spray is to make other humans smile. My main goal is to make sure that everyone I’m painting with is having an amazing time. And if you’re not having such a fantastic day, the uncle in me is here to talk you through it. By the end of the paint session you should be smiling. If you are… I did my job.

Ive been writing different words on things for years but got super serious about it about 4 years ago upon reconnecting with the right group of people that I felt like my place in the team fit. How they accepted me and made me feel like me just hanging around in some way helped, that made me feel welcome.

As a graffiti human I definitely have my group of writers who inspire me. The cleanliness of every ship mate of TITS CREW keeps me trying my absolute hardest to keep up with these old silver fox’s and pioneers of graffiti in my eyes. If it wasn’t for snif, style, strae, mers, and ruste, for keeping my spirits high while Im trying too keep everyone else’s up, and clown for picking out my every fuck up and telling me to fix it. Those dudes and dudette to name a few keep me happy. I am also inspired by a ton of artists I have yet to meet. Plus, imon boy, japon, aryz, roids, and probably 86 more im forgetting, really look like they are having FUN with painting. They make me want to have more fun with my style.




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