My name is Gemini STPxT2C
I’ve been writing for about 15 years now with the last 3 being extremely dedicated. I’m based out east Texas neighboring Dallas. I started off in the traditional sense bombing and coming up like that in my younger years. Years back I reproached my lettering to something I feel more comfortable with just trying to find myself within the form. As a kid I would draw old English and found ancient cultures to be fascinating. So I took it from the basic older way of writing and interpreting that into letters that i can manipulate more I feel and translate some spiritual significance. I’d say thats where the style comes in. I push to constantly build on the style and create something new and different. When I paint I tend to consume the entire space or the majority of the place im painting at with a high level of dedication and spiritual awareness. Like I won’t fucking leave the spot. I’ll stay there for days if I need to. Food and sleep is the last thing on the mind.
Some writers that I admire that also influence me would be TEGRA and SHORTS both STP. In my eyes these two put so much into the art form. Both styles are Constantly progressing and pushing. It’s noticed in everything from a tag to a piece. I find that creative genius and hard drive to be extremely influential and motivating.

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