If you are looking for gifts for a graffiti writer or an artist (or for yourself!), you are at the right place! We have compiled the 31 best gifts you could give this year.

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#1 – Bombing Science Burner Backpack (Pre-Sale)
This bag is just next level… a must have for any graffiti writers! The pre-sale is on and these packs will ship at the beginning of 2018… but it’s still the Xmas gift he/she wants!


#2 – Graffiti Starter Kits
The easiest gift! We have the perfect bundle for the artist in your life.


#3 – Sketching Markers
We have sketching marker sets of all sizes and for all budgets!


#4 – Diamond Packs
The no-brainer gift! A Diamond Pack: 9 cans + 25 free caps = the best deal


#5- Respirators and Gloves
Spraying is fun, but protecting your health is more important. Get the right tools!


#6 – Krink
The finest markers, made in NYC.


#7 – Molotow One4All
The best paint markers hands down, made in Germany.


#8 – Sketch Books
Every artist needs one! Simple as that…


#9 – Magazines
We have 150+ graffiti magazines and zines to choose from.


#10 – Lapel Pins & Patches
Instantly upgrade your jacket or bags!


#11 – Shriiimp Graffiti On Girls Calendar
Begin the new year with a new calendar! Graffiti on girls… so obviously this is NSFW!


#12 – Books
We have a HUGE selection of over 250+ graffiti books. You will definitely find the perfect gift among these titles.


#13 – Caps
You got your paint, fine. Now you’ll need caps! Be sure to check our Tipmix caps bundles and the Caps Sampler Pack.


#14- Wallets
We have the flyest wallets!


#15- T-Shirts
It’s not a secret that we have the largest selection of graffiti t-shirts…


#16 – Stencil Tools
Give some Excel knives and cutting mats for Xmas. The best quality, made in the USA.


#17 – Posters and prints
Something they will actually want to hang on their walls!


#18- Us et Coutumes poster rack
Now that you have your posters, you’ll need that magnetic hanging bar!


#19 – Stickers
More stickers, more joy!


#20- Hats
Shop dozens of styles of hats, caps and beanies!


#21- Boundless
Craft model kits made in NYC/USA from 100% recycled material.


#22- Mini-Subway
Give him/her something new to write on!



#23- Molotow Can Belt
Now that’s useful!


#24- Molotow Safe Can
Everyone has something to hide… do it in style!


#25 – Train Canvas
Picture of a New York Subway train printed on a canvas. Customize it!


#26- Sweatshirts
Stay warm!


#27- All City Style Ghost train
A reproduction of the NYC Subway to paint on.


#28- TYO Toys
Dumpsters, mailboxs and trucks… 



#29- Fox Crow Harness
Model Z Painter’s Utility Harness


#30- Mr. Serious Bags
Bags made for graffiti writers.


#31- Molotow Nightrocker (Glow In The Dark)
Glow in the dark paint… need we say more?


In need of more gift ideas? Check out the online store and our new arrivals!

(Let us know in the comments what you are adding on your wishlist!)