With the holiday season finally here, today we’re going to be showing off our 38 top picks for the best gifts for the graffiti writer in your life (or for yourself!). Everything listed here is what our staff has selected as the best deals and supplies for everyone, from writers new to the scene to lifelong graffiti enthusiasts.

#1: Xmas Packs

Looking for an easy gift for your beloved graffiti artist? Look no further! We got you covered with these 24 Xmas Packs. Starting at just $8, you’ll definitely find the perfect gift for your loved one (or for yourself!). Available for a limited time only.


#2: DANG Mops

NEW! The DANG mops and refills are now available in Paint and Ink versions, in many awesome shades! A drippy gift for the real graffiti artists.


#3: Discordia DIY cans

Introducing DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy, a full-scale replication of a standard spray can. Perfect for customization and beautifying your desk.


#4: Split Streak kits

Splitting solid markers used to be a chore, but not anymore with these new Split Streaks kits. Just push your streaker in this super useful tool and it will split in 4, 6 or 8 pieces, so you can assemble them in multi-color markers. Boom!


#5: Bentle Bottle

Inspired by the design of one of our favorite markers. You can’t write with this one, but you can write off your thirst!


#6: Grog X Nero D’Inferno

Hand-numbered luxury box celebrating a product of other times. The iconic Grog refill bottle in a precious 100 ml version meets Nero D’Inferno to mint a collector’s product, framed by a soft foam in a ton-sur-ton packaging.


#7: DANG Paint

The DANG paint will make the best gifts, no doubt! With a new extended color range (179 colors),  you have plenty of choices to build your perfect gift pack. DANG paint in made in Spain with top-tier pigments that make it super opaque and resistant. And of course, the price speaks for itself… more DANG for your bucks!


#8: How-To books


Are you beginning at graffiti or want to improve your techniques? Well, we have plenty of how-to books to help you out! 


#9: Molotow Liquid Chrome

The Liquid Chrome markers and refills by Molotow are like a liquid mirror, it’s unreal! Available in many different marker sizes.


#10: Blueprint For Destruction

Made in the UK, Blueprint For Destruction is a collection of sketchbooks, posters and mini-subways/trucks. Something fun to sketch on and to hang on the walls!


#11: All City Styles DIY trains

Another cool way to hang your art on the walls! The All City Styles DIY trains are ready to be customized. Great gift!


#12: Spray can Keychain

Always a can in your pocket 🙂


#13: Molotow Real Color card

A really convenient gift for any serious artist. When you work with huge lines of spray paint like Molotow Premium (275+ colors), a real color card comes in handy!


#14: Metromagnetz

With these magnets your fridge will look less boring! And you can also customize them with paint markers.


#15: Molotow 3D posters

These 3D posters by Molotow come in two models: the NYC subway and the Molotow train. Ready to be painted!


#16: Patches

The Bombing Science patches are a great gift to customize backpacks, jackets, and much more. Just iron them on any fabric et voilà!


#17: Krink Sprayers

The Krink Sprayers are some of the most requested items this year again! The new compact sprayer and mini sprayer are completing the sprayer line. Just fill them with your own paint, pump and spray!


#18: Molotow Train Steel Box

Now that’s a cool storage box for your markers! Personalize it or simply put it on your desk as is. 


#19: Burner Backpack

These Burner Backpacks are a graffiti writer’s favorite. To start with they are bottom heavy and the space it gives you allows you to organize your spray can arsenal to be easy to deploy and keep you from wondering where that spray can went or making a mess in your bag. Also available: this bundle comes with 12 paint cans included!


#20: Krink K-42 MTA Gift Set

Collector item! This unique set features 10 colors customized to match official MTA New York City Subway lines. A unique, creative gift or souvenir that celebrates the iconic colors, symbols, and signs of New York City.


#21: Egg Shell stickers

Always back with some fly limited edition designs, the Egg Shell stickers are the original destructible stickers (read: really hard to remove) from Hong Kong!


#22: Molotow Portable Bags

These super versatile bags keeps your markers and caps always at your fingertips. A really useful gift for any artist.


#23: Diamond Packs

These discounted spray paint packs give a couple of different color options. You’ll get 7 colors in the selected theme (blues, greens, etc…) + 1 Black and 1 White. And on top of that, you’ll get also 25 free caps! More than enough to go straight to the wall to paint that piece.


#24: Sketching Markers

Sold individually and in packs these sketching markers are great when used in combination with our sketchbooks and reproduce the kind of color you want to come out in your finished pieces.


#25: Respirators and Gloves

Health is an important and overlooked subject in the graffiti scene, many old schoolers I’ve known who didn’t wear a respirator lived to regret in their old age. Don’t neglect your health and make sure your packing one of these where ever you paint.


#26: Sketchbooks

Sketchbooks are the core of what graffiti artists do, here the artist can explore ideas and concepts without judgment before ever going to the streets. In the sketchbook is where we hone our craft.


#27: Pins

An assortment of lapel pins to accessorize your wardrobe or backpack!


#28: Socks


Socks are one of the easiest gift ever. Everybody wears them!


#29: Stencil Tools

To create awesome stencils, you need great tools. And you can be sure to use the very best when you have Excel Blades. All these blades and knives are made in the USA.


#30: Tipmixes

Our Tip Mixes are packs of mixed caps. They cover everything from softs to jumbo fats and we sell them in packs of up to 250 caps. Easy and essential gift for all graffiti artist!


#31: Graffiti Magazines

Another essential aspect of the craft is the input we receive in terms of inspiration, inspiration comes in many forms but part of it is knowing what is going on in the graffiti scene today and these graffiti magazines provide an ever changing evolving portrait of the scene. 


#32: Graffiti Books

If you want to go deeper into graffiti and its history as well as get a more indepth picture of the people who have made their impact on graffiti, then our assortment of books will definitely interest you (or the graffiti writer in your life!).


#33: Clothing

Here at Bombing Science we have an awesome selection of clothes to pick from. T-shirts, hats, hoodies, sweaters… all with fresh graffiti inspired designs!


#34: Mini Subways & Trucks

These mini-subways and trucks are great to paint on! We have the NYC subway, the classic cube truck and so many other models.


#35: Boundless Water Towers

Craft model kits made in NYC/USA from 100% recycled material. Paint on them and decorate your spaces!


#36: Molotow Can Belt

This can belt can hold up to 6 cans and it’s perfect for anyone who has to climb a ladder or surface to get the job done. 


#37: Molotow Safe Can

Completely inconspicuous hiding place for your stash or any personal belongings. This safe can looks and feels exactly like a normal Molotow spray can.


#38: Mr. Serious bags

Designed by Mr. Serious in Holland, we have their full range of backpacks and spray can bags in stock!