I got involved in the writing movement in the mid-nineties, thanks to the crews that were very productive in the outskirts of south Milan where I come from …. I was captured by their work that I saw on the streets and this pushed me to start writing. I wrote under the pseudonym of Giowe almost from the beginning.

The style that predominated in Milan in those days was “wild style” which influenced my way of painting, and I believe this is reflected in most of my pieces.  Over the years, I have personalized my style “bars and arrows” follow New York style pioneers that always inspired me (classics never die ….),

In the course of time, I have tried to develop my style as much as possible, in order to differentiate myself and make my productions recognizable. I studied especially the letters and the structure of the project and I’m convinced that practice of the sketch is the key to a good Wildstyle!

Lately,  I’m using quite a lot colouring around the stick of the letters to intensify the movement. Every now and then, I add some characters to my pieces, I enjoy processing them … but they are not my strong point.

I am a member of the PUF, INT55, and AMC crews, which are very important to me as we share lots of experiences and these crews are made up of many valid members that I respect and admire not only as writers but also as friends.  The interaction and exchange of ideas with the group have led me to do better!.

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