GIZ (1977) is a U.S. based graffiti artist that was born and raised in NYC. He began his graffiti career in the New York City area in 1988 at the age of 10. In the early 90’s, he primarily focused on “bombing” clean NYC subway trains. In 1991, GIZ started his appropriately titled street- bombing campaign, ‘MTA,’ (Most Talked About), throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC alongside members of his crew. 

In 1998 GIZ entered unfamiliar territory – the gallery scene. With a covert background in graffiti, it was an unusual transition as he risked exposing his identity as the “all-city street bomber.” Despite this fear, he eased into the gallery world and, using his background in woodworking, started producing work on pieces of wood that were cut into the shapes of his letters. 

Eventually, GIZ made the transition and started painting on canvases, an extensive evolution considering his street and subway tunnel origin. In the late 90’s to early 2000’s, GIZ did multiple gallery shows throughout NYC (including the graffiti auction at Guernsey’s that featured many of the most influential graffiti writers from the 1970’s to the 1990’s). This was followed by several shows throughout Europe, a few of which in London, Amsterdam, and Paris. In addition to several European newspapers and programs, his work has been featured in many television series, books, and magazines including the NY Times, Village Voice, Al Jazeera, Source Magazine, Mass Appeal, 12oz. Prophet, NYC Street Art, The Profit, ‘The Art of Getting Over,’ and ‘Graffiti NYC’ by Prestel and many more publications. Most recently GIZ was commissioned by the popular magazine, “Time Out NY” to have his art work displayed on the front cover, as well as a story inside. 

GIZ is a very clean painter and a focused artist that honors attention to detail. He creates each piece with his strive for perfection. His art career continues to progress in style and innovation and will be sure to keep his fans intrigued and inspired. 

Presently, he is highly active in producing his art on all levels, from gallery shows, murals, and continuing to evolve and bring his art into new heights.

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