I write GOAL  RTH.  From nyc the borough of Staten Island.  I’ve been write since 1993 lve  painted and travel the world .im a hardcore bomber and also a piecer in the graff game I’m a jack of all trades. From huge murals to stickers I do it all and mastered it.   I’ve learned from pioneer writers before me .writers from ny like scope2. Vers and mars DG.nwc Rest In Peace.i studied the game and watched writers come and go.  GoaLongevity …. I’ve never takin a break from this craft and never will.  I love the sport of graffiti .i feed off others and the more I see the more I do .   I rock with graff crews ,Rth. Gomd 1134 cto ms13 wf …. and many more. . Shout out to drane. Teo grope megs Taeo Lukas Caspa 

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