Yo! I’m Goro1 OTD.

I was born and grew up in Poznań, Poland where I started noticing graffiti from a young age and quickly became obsessed with it. In 2007 I did my first piece and never really stopped. I started mainly tagging my neighborhood, did bit of insides on buses and trams few throw ups and pieces but also concentrated on sketching and style development. I moved to London in 2011 and lived here ever since. Painting graffiti for me is first and foremost a form of self-expression and therapy although I also enjoy a good wall with my mates. For the past few years I have been focusing on traveling and painting everywhere I go. Apart from traveling I get influenced by many dope people out there like Geser, Sofles, Askew, Does, Sokem, Ces, Sicoer… there are too many to mention them all. If I had to describe my style it would be legible, aggressive letters with flow and a bit of funk. Always concentrating on movement and line work. It’s still work in progress but so far I have enjoyed it and planning to push it as far as I can. Thanks to Bombing Science for reaching out! Big ups to my crewman and the two main partners in crime, SMO and GW boys!

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